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Isabelle Goldstein

A Lover of the Abstract...

Always Finding Beauty in all things

Abstract Painting - Photography - Business Support

Just a Lover of the Abstract. Always looking to find the beauty in all things, especially unsuspecting places. I value the good I seek in all people. We’re all special in our own unique ways. I deeply value the beauty of growth in difficult times. I’m in recovery, and it took a lot to get here.


My art journey started with wanting to pursue my truest passion, and found, isn't it art? Years before that, graduated from CSUMB with a degree in business & concentration in entrepreneurship, but deep down knew there was some true passion yet to be uncovered and lean into. And a truer purpose.


I’ve always been taking photographs, always loved it. When I sat down to paint for the first time, I immediately knew I found something I’ve been missing. My nickname is Izzy and my art name is Iznt it Art. I started in May 2022 with my art Instagram. I’ve been enjoying riding the wave ever since to pursue this passion of art that continues to unfold and am super grateful.


I help other artists to do the same- take the leap, get the ball rolling by determining first steps to take, landing opportunities, and supporting with the business side of art. I draw from my first-hand experience with my art journey of trial & error and background in business & entrepreneurship. Ask me about my mentorship program! I also support small businesses in website design and other business support services.


Hardest part is starting. I love supporting others with what I have come to know from experience to get them going on their dreams of business and/or art. I didn’t know if any of this was possible for me, I just knew I should give it a fighting chance to find out. If I could make things happen, I believe it’s possible for anyone willing to go for it, especially with some help. I love to make magic happen!


My art journey continues, with a brand new space!

For the first time I have a place for everything I have been working towards.

Come visit my new Art Studio + Office in Santa Cruz!

Contact to schedule private viewings.


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Much Love, Izzy

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